Galtonia viridiflora – summer hyacinth

This is a bulbous perennial plant from South Africa and Lesotho. It belongs to the family of Asparagaceae and is frequently used as ornamental plant. The flowers appear in summer, and they appear as bell – shaped.
Floral formula: T 3 + 3 T / St 3 + 3 / C 3; T: tepals; St: stamens; C: carpels. Ovary super constituted of 3 chambers (trilocular).
Paraffin cross section 8 µm thick have been made at two levels in a floral bud (1) ovaries and (2) stamens and stained with toluidine blue. Photographs are shown below.

Level of ovaries
Ovarian chambers (1,2,3) with higher magnification of ovules
Level of stamens (6) Tepals outside and style in the middle