Scientific publications

You will find below the list of publications in the open archive of the University of Geneva and the list of posters and oral communications :

Posters / Oral communications (1996 – 2012)

Maged Saad, Michèle Crèvecoeur, Catherine Boisson-Boivin & Xavier Perret (2012) The atypical T3SSS of Cupriavidus is symbiotically active. ENFC – Munich – Germany sept.

Nadia Bakkou, Peter Mergaert, Michèle Crèvecoeur , Eva Kondorosi and Xavier Perret (2010). Morphological characterization of Sinorhizobium sp. NGR234 bacteroids. 9Th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference – September 6 to 10, Geneva – Switzerland. Abstract.

Parent C, Berger A, Capelli N, Crèvecoeur M, Badot PM, Dat JF (2008). Non-symbiotic hemoglobin in oak roots : possible role in signalling during flooding stress. Second International Plant Nitric Oxide Club Workshop. 21-22 juillet – Dijon – France.

Parent C, Berger A, Capelli N, Crèvecoeur M , Badot PM, Dat JF (2008). Analyse de l’expression d’un gène d’hémoglobine non-symbiotique chez deux espèces de chênes Quercus petraea L. et Q. robur L. en réponse rapide à l’ennoyage. 10ème Rencontre du groupe de Biologie Moléculaire des Ligneux, 5-7 mai- Nancy -France.

O. Schumpp, M. Crèvecoeur, W.J. Broughton and W. J. Deakin (2007) NGR234 and Lotus japonicus symbiosis: the latent model? 20th North American Nitrogen Fixation conference. 10 – 14 July – Milwaukee – USA.

Parent C, Berger A, Capelli N, Crèvecoeur M, Badot PM, Dat JF (2007). Non-symbiotic hemoglobin in oak roots : possible role in signalling during flooding stress. Plant Oxygen Group meeting : Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species in Plants. September 12 -14 – Gand – Belgique.

Parent C, Folzer H, Capelli N, Dat J, Crèvecoeur M, Badot PM (2006). Searching for candidate genes in the response of woody plants to flooding. IXème Journées du Groupe de Biologie Moléculaire des Ligneux. March 21-23 – Orléans – France.

Michèle Crèvecoeur, Anne Utz-Pugin and Claude Penel. Reactive Oxygen Species detection in Arabidopsis roots by confocal microscopy. (2005). Réunion du Réseau Français des Parois – September 7 – 9. Rouen – France.

Dunand C, Von Tobel L, Crèvecoeur M and C Penel. ROS Formation and Class III Peroxidases in vitro and in vivo. (2005) Peroxidase Symposium. September 11-15. Fukuoka – Japan.

Michèle Crèvecoeur, Anne Utz-Pugin and Claude Penel. Confocal imaging of Reactive Oxygen Species in Arabidopsis roots. (2005). Oral Communication on invitation. 9ème colloque de la Société Française des microscopies. July 4 – 8. Caen – France. Poster.

Barneche F, Crèvecoeur M and Rochaix JD (2005). The nucleus – encoded At-TAB 2 protein is involved in photosystem I and photosystem II proteins synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana – 14th Swiss Plant Molecular and Cell Biology Conference. 9 -11 March. Les Diablerets – Suisse.

M. Crèvecoeur, K.Unal, Y. Mugnier, A. Bouillot, P.Descouts and E. Lesniewska. Atomic force microscopy imaging of polygalacturonic acid (2003). 12th European Carbohydrate Symposium – Grenoble – France.

Capelli N, Crèvecoeur M, Bourgeade P, Lucot E, Alaoui-Sossé B, Tognolli M, Rieffel D and Badot PM. (2000). Searching for haemoglobin gene(s) in young oaks ( Quercus petraea L.) grown under anaerobic conditions. December 5 -7. General Meeting 4th of the SFPV. Besançon – France.

Crèvecoeur M , Lesniewska E and Le Grimellec C (1999). Membrane plasmique de cellules de feuilles en Microscopie à Force Atomique. 6ème Congrès Annuel de l’Association Française de Cytométrie. Session Microscopie à Sonde Locale. Dijon 99- October 12-15. Analytical Cellular Pathology 18, p164. (Communication orale, invitation).

Penel C, Carpin S, Crèvecoeur M, Simon P and Greppin H. (1999). Binding of peroxidases to Ca-pectate : possible significance for peroxidase function in cell wall. International Symposium for Plant Peroxidases, Columbus Ohio, July 17-21

Carpin S, Crèvecoeur M, Greppin H and Penel C (1999). Tissue specific expression of an anionic peroxidase of zucchini. 8th Swiss Plant and Molecular Biology Conference. March 10 -12. Villars S/Ollon – Suisse.

Penel C , Simon P, Overney S, Crèvecoeur M and Greppin H (1998) The production of hydrogen peroxyde in the apoplast : a role for peroxidase?). Seventh Swiss Plant Cell and Molecular Biology Conference. March 11-13. Engelberg – Suisse,

Crèvecoeur M , Lesniewska E, Goudonnet, JP, Greppin H. and Le Grimellec C (1998). AFM imaging of plasma membrane purified from leaf cells. Colloque du Cercle Français Des Microscopies à Champ Proche (CFMCP). July 1-3. Strasbourg Illkirch – France. Book of abstract p 44 (Oral communication, invitation).

Lesniewska E , Le Grimellec C, Vié V, Gioccondi MC, Crèvecoeur M , Lydataki S and JP Goudonnet (1998).Atomic force microscopy in biology : limits and prospects. Colloque du Cercle Français Des Microscopies à Champ Proche (CFMCP) July 1-3. Strasbourg Illkirch- Book of abstract p11-13.

Franck Th, Crèvecoeur M, Kevers C, Greppin H and Gaspar Th (1997). Are morphological abnormalities of vitrified Prunus avium shoots due to an accumulation of H2O2 in their tissues? Third International Conference on  » Oxygen, free radicals and environmental stress in plants ». 15-18 September. Pisa – Italy. Book of abstract p 75.

Perroud PF, Crespi P, Crèvecoeur M and H Greppin (1996). GTP-binding proteins on tonoplast of Spinacia oleracea: activity and specific detection. 10 th FESP congress. From molecular mechanisms to the plant: an integrated approach. Vienne – Autriche. PPB. Special issue, S15.

Perroud PF, Crespi P, Crèvecoeur M et H Greppin (1996). Protéines liant le GTP sur le tonoplaste: caractérisation globale et détection spécifique. Plant Biomembrane Network. Lepin le Lac – France.