Agapanthus africanus African blue lily

This plant belongs to Amaryllidaceae family a cosmopolite family. It is bulbous and ornamental. African blue lily is native to the area of Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. It is a summer-blooming perennial that produces big pure white flowers as well as blue. The plant grows from a fleshy-rooted rhizome.
Floral formula : 3 + 3 T / 3 + 3 St / 3 C ;T: tepals; St : stamens; C: carpels. Ovary super composed of 3 chambers (trilocular). 
Paraffin cross sections 8 µm thick have been made at two levels in a floral bud: ovary and stamens and stained with toluidine blue. See photographs below.

Level of ovaries
Level of stamens