Paraffin section in siliques from Arabidopsis th.

Sections have been made for collaboration with research groups from the department of Botany and Plant Biology.
Siliques have been fixed either in a mixture of 3% formaldehyde and 0,3 % glutaraldehyde in 100 mM phosphate buffer (pH 7.2) containing 0,1 % tween or in FAA. Then they have been embedded in paraffin and sectioned. Longitudinal or cross sections 10
μm thick have been stained with toluidine blue or with safranin – alcian blue.

1/ Collaboration with Dr Etienne Burcher – research group of Professor Jurek Paszkowski.

The microphotographs illustrate two successive cross sections in a silique fixed with aldehydes. For each section general aspect is shown on the left and a part of the section on the right with the dehiscence zone.
At the top: a section stained with toluidine blue. The lignified walls appear turquoise.
Bottom: a section stained with safranin – alcian blue. The lignified walls appear fuchsia pink. 

2/ Collaboration with Dr Svetlana Boycheva – research group of Professor Teresa Fiztpatrick.
Microphotographs of longitudinal sections (10 μm) stained with safranin – alcian blue illustrating two stages of embryogenesis: globular and cordiform. Fixation : FAA.