Light microphotographs of cross sections in anthers of Arabidopsis thaliana

Epon Cross sections (1μm)  stained with methylene blue aand basic fuchsin.
Below the section has been made at a level that reveals anthers of 4 of the 6 stamens (E1 à E4); the sepals (S), 4 petals (P1 à P4) and the pistil in the middle.

Coupe epon Arabidopsis

A section made in another part of the floral bud with the 4 sepals clearly indivualized. Only one of the 4 anthers is seen in full in the middle with the pollen lodges.

coupe epon fleur arabio 1.jpg

Below : higher magnification of an anther (above) and pollen grains (below) with the pores or apertures (blue arrows).


coupe epon étamine Arabidopsis

coupe epon anthère arabidopsis

Below : Part of the section showing a part of a sepal and a petal.
St: stoma; red arrow : trichomes;the three small blue arrows indicate the chloroplasts around
 the central vacuole (v) in a cell of parenchyma; fc: vascular bundle.

Coupe Epon pétales sépales Arabidopsis