Study of membranes assembly of the plast in Chlamydomonas
for collaboration with  Silvia Ramoundo in research group of professor Jean David Rochaix

Transmission Electron Micrographs –  Microscope FEi TECNAI G2 sphera

a: starch; red arrow : eyespot

s : starch; F : flagella; cpl: chloroplaste; P: pyrénoïd

Detail of pyrénoid (P; electron dense) surrounded by a starch sheath (a).

Part of a flagellum (black arrow)

Below two transmission electron micrographs of the DCH16 strain grown at darkness.
On the left appearance of the cell with numerous large starch grains (a) and on the right detail of the eyespot. 

a: starch grains; es : eyespots; nu :nucleolus; N:nucleus

Below: two elements of the Golgi (G) and and a part of the nucleus with the nucleolus (nu). a: starch grains

The eyespot or stigma, photoreceptor organelle which allows the cell to be sensitive to intensity and direction of light. The cell responses by swimming toward the light (positive phototaxis) or far from it (negative phototaxis).