Agave parrasana

Agave parrasana common name Cabbage Head Agave or cabbage head century in Asparagaceae family plant and is native to Mexico. The agave genus comprises some 300 species of succulent plants native to Mexico, Central America, and Southwest of the USA. Agave parrasana is an evergreen plant and unusual agave bearing a compact rosette of overlapping leaves, large and waxy in texture. They are pale blue-gray and are armed with sharp dark reddish spines on the margins and a long sharp and brown-red terminal spine. This can reach 4 cm in length. The plant should be kept away from walking areas because the spines can easily puncture skin and cause serious injury. In addition, for people with allergies the spines can cause important skin reactions the sap of Agave being irritating du to the presence of calcium oxalate and sapogenin, a steroidal saponin.

Margin of lamina at higher magnification to illustrate spines on margins (small red arrows) and the terminal spine (pink arrow)
Dark reddish sharp spines, on margins of a leaf.