Cross section in a leaf of Quercus – oak

The sections have been made in a portion of leaf fixed with FAA and embedded in paraffin. They have been stained with safranin and alcian blue. Micrographs below show tissues at the level of midrib (upper) and at the level of lateral veins (bottom).

Site feuille quercus 2 .jpgPP: palisade parenchyma ; PL: spongy parenchyma; NP: midrib

The mesophyll is herogeneous with palisade parenchyma towards the adaxial face and spongy parenchyma toward the abaxial face. Stomata are observed in abaxial epidermis and both epidermis have a thin cuticle.

Site feuille Quercus 3 Ep ad: epidermis adaxial face; Ep ab: epidermis abaxial face; st: stomata; PP: palisade parenchyma; PL : spongy parenchyma; NL: lateral vein with vascular tissues.