Cross section in a leaf of Allium schoenoprasum

Allium schoenoprasum, common name chives or onion chives, is an aromatic plant from the Liliaceae family. Allium is a large genus of more than 700 species. Alium s. is a small bulbous, perennial plant characterized by thin, tubular, grass-like leaves that are dark green. It belongs to monocotyledons. Chives are a widely used herb related to onions and garlic, mainly used as a flavoring on food.

Part of a paraffin cross section (10 μm) stained with astra blue –basic fuchsin. In the upper picture, part of the section with vascular bundles (arrows) distributed on a row, corresponding to parallel veins, a characteristic of monocotyledon. In the lower part higher magnification with 2 vascular bundles. ep: epidermis; st : stomata; cu: cuticle

On the second micrograph higher magnification view of the section with 2 vascular bundles.

Feuille Allium .jpg

Feuille Allium feuille 2.jpg