Sections in a leaf of Artemisia dranunculus – Tarragon

Tarragon is a perennial, leafy green herb from Asteraceae family. The leaves are narrow, smooth, and shiny. It is an aromatic plant used as culinary plant for its flavors due to estragole but it is also known for its numerous medicinal properties.

The sections below are paraffin sections (8 μm thick) stained with astra blue basic fuchsin. 
The first micrograph illustrates the main vein and lateral veins on both sides.
Scale :100 μm

Site Artemisia feuille bafb 10 x reconst.jpg

Part of the cross section with the main vein. The cuticle (cu) is stained blue. Arrows indicate the presence of secretory cavities (ps; blue arrow) above a vascular bundle (fc). The chloroplasts are stained red. Scale: 100 μm.

Feuille estragon 1

Part of the section with a lateral vein (red arrow: vascular bundle of this vein). Stomata (stare seen in the two epidermis. Scale: 50 μm.

Feuille estragon