Scanning Electron Micrographs of Origanum vulgare leaves (common oregano).
Samples collected at the Geneva Botanical Garden with collaboration of Dr Fred Stauffer, Curator

Adaxial face of the leaf covered with two kinds of trichomes: small glandular (white arrows) and elongate, non – glandular characterized by sharp tip.
Higher magnification images of the adaxial face with the two kinds of trichomes and with stomata (white pointers).The glandular trichomes appear as large buttons (long white arrows).
Abaxial face of an oregano leaf at the level of the main vein (NP). Long non – glandular trichomes as well as stomata and glandular trichomes (pgl) are also observed on the leaf surface outside the main vein.
Abaxial face of the leaf at higher magnification illustrating the numerous stomata (st) with a random distribution. A long non glandular trichome is seen.
Another appearance of the abaxial face with high density of stomata randomly distributed. pgl: glandular trichome

Gallery of scanning electron micrographs of Origanum vulgare leaves.